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About School

At OXBRIDGE Patna, the child is the centre of all learning activity, but we believe that parents and teacher too, play important roles in their pursuit of knowledge.. With this view, the school encourages a close partnership between the trinity of the learning process - the child, the teacher and the parent. It is this synergy that creates an environment which begins in classrooms and steps out its boundaries into wider perspectives.

The child at OXBRIDGE Patna has access to resources, through which skills are easily to learnt and opinions and ideadare expressed and shared. Parents are invited and encouraed to participate in this process by building meaningful interaction with explore new methods and techniques in the classroom and to make full use of resources and technology.

Our Mission

To help produce individuals who are not only academically brilliant but are also trained in the art of living and achieving happiness.

For themselves and others, who are critically intellectual but possess all the emotions that make one human and humane, who have the scientific temper and yet understand the essence of apiritually, who speak foreign language with confidence and yet feel proud in funching the feet of their parents individuals who present the right combination of intelligence, emotions, values, life-skills and communication abilities.

Our Vision

From The Managing Director' s Table

I am highly pleased to get the opportunity of managing a glorious institute such as Oxbridge Convent High School at Patna. This school has a calm and serene location away from the din & bustle of city life. Management provides all the facilities that are needed for a balanced, all round frowth of the pupils' personality and unfolding their hidden talents to the fullest capacity.
Management provides a cozy environment with the co-operation of talented, dedicated & devoted team of teachers.

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